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Welcome to our linzhou Paragliding club. We are glad to have such a group of experienced pilot visiting us.

Flying site

Linzhou is located 600km south of Beijing with more than 1 million populations. There are 1000m-1700m high sheer rock-face forms the dividing line between a massif of ragged mountain ranges and extensive flat plain. So nature bestows on Linzhou a natural
flying site.

Flying site

Linlü Mountain International Flying Site is located in the east of Taihang Mountain, which is situated in the west of Linzhou, Henan Province. Its flying condition is known as First in Asia and
Top in the

Flying site

The weather in Linzhou is very suitable for free flying except windy February and March. The thermal is perfect from April to October at average 2-3m/s. It is around 5-6 m/s in May and June. The best climbing altitude is 4700m. Flying over the flat area is easy for navigation and

Flying site

The landing site is in the vast farm land and convenient for retrieving. But the main landing zone is at the foot of the take-off, which you can see clearly on the take-off. Because the terrain in Linzhou is high in the west and low in the east, so the pilot should avoid western land.
Take-off – coordinates:
N36°8′ 56″E113°44′ 2″
Landing – coordinates:
N36°8′ 57″E113°46′ 10″


We offer the information of accommodations with very exclusive services and the transportation guide


The accommodation in Linzhou is convenient and comfortable. There are three hotels about 500m from the landing zone. The facilities of the hotels are very good. The price is 120RMB-398RMB including breakfast and two beds. After landing, you can walk back to the hotel directly, which takes about 20 minutes. Or you can also live in the city center, which will be much more convenient.


There are two International airports near Linzhou, which is Beijing International airport (600km) and Xinzheng International airport (220km).

Bus or Taxi & mini bus (7 seats)

Beijing-Linzhou It takes almost 7 hours. (Price: about 150RMB) Zhengzhou-Linzhou It takes almost 3.5 hours.(Price:about 50RMB) Anyang-Linzhou It takes almost 1.5 hours. (Price: about 15RMB)
Anyang-Linzhou It takes almost 1 hour from Anyang to Linzhou (50km). If you take taxi, the price is 135RMB from train station and 170RMB from high-speed rail station by high way. If mini bus, it is 200RMB from train station and 300RMB from high-speed rail station.


Beijing-Anyang It takes almost 7 hours by train and 3 hours by high speed rail. Zhengzhou-Anyang It takes almost 2.5 hours by train and 55 minutes by high speed rail.

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Event Info.

The maximum number of competitions permitted in this championship is 100.The maximum number of competitors for non-national pilots is 50.The deadline for registration of foreign pilots is 1st May.The entry way is Https://airtribune.com/linzhou2017/info

Previous Events


open tournament

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Event memorabilia

The 2011 second Anyang international China mountain forest filter paragliding open and the third Asian paragliding Championship warm-up match


Event memorabilia

2010 China Paragliding World Cup & 1st China Anyang Cup

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